Project Management,
As Project Management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a successful project, over the years we have adopted a tailor made project management system based on our project needs, location, local applicable laws and regulation, corporate culture and local culture. Homaye Tehran’s Project Management team plansand manages each project as per these well-defined guidelines during theprojects lifecycle, and we truly aspire to the belief that Project management is accomplished through the appropriate application and integration of knowledge, logic and process which are comprised of, Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling. Identifying requirements in addressing the various needs, concerns, and expectations of the stakeholders by balancing the competing project constraints including, Scope, Quality, Schedule, Budget, Resources, and Risk.

To plan, execute and control these processes as they relate to Homaye Tehran’s projects, our management team adheres to the internationally recognized PMI standards and procedures as set forth.


Resource Management,
Homaye Tehran’s Resource management is designed to be efficient, effective, flexible and scalable in order to support any environment and be adaptable to changes in deployment of resources as they are required. Our outlook on resource management is categorized as;
- Human and Skill Resources.
- Financial Resources.
- Product, Inventory and Production Resources.
- Information Technology.



“Human Resource Management” is a key element to effectively estimating and effecting project human resource management and isan essential component of a comprehensive project management plan.

- Increase resource utilization and profitability by keeping the right resources on the right projects and avoiding gaps in staffing.
- Decrease expenses and downtime by automating staffing.
- Making better staffing decisions by availability and skill sets.
- Gaining better insight into key operating metrics by integrating forecasted demand planning and hiring needs with financial forecasting.



“Financial Resources Management” is a key process of managing the financial resources, including accounting and financial reporting, budgeting and financial risk management for a project.
1- Management of Cash and Financial Resources as they relate to each project.
2- Financial Control.
3- Financial Reporting.
4- Capital Structure.
5- Estimation of Required Capital.
6- Determination of Capital Composition.
7- Optimum Funds Utilization.
8- Procurement,Supply in Build vs. Buy Decisions.
9- Issue and Concerns of all Stakeholders.