Quality Assurance & Control,
At the core of Homaye Tehran’s business model is “QUALITY”. We strongly believe that performance in all aspects of our business must adhere to high quality standards and increase added value through quality.
It is this vision and drive which has inspired us to developed and implement the very comprehensive Homaye Tehran Quality Control Program (HTQCP) encompassing Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC) Manuals and procedure to ensure all activities comply with applicable laws, regulations, approved design criteria, engineering plans and specifications, good engineering practices, good business practices and our core values.
Highlights of our HTQCP activities include
A- Design standard and Engineering specification compliance.
B- Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) compliance.
C- Inspections, sampling, testing, survey control and compliance.
D- Process Documentation and Records keeping.
E- Permit control and compliance.
F- Standardized control and compliance.
G- Health and Safety control and compliance.


Quality control standards provide the mathematical and statistical procedures instrumental in the evaluation of experiments and test methods. These procedures encompass the information-gathering stage of an experiment where variation is present, and includes the probability sampling process, the determination of the precision and bias of an experiment, and the measurement of the reliability and degree of uncertainty of test results and data. These quality control standards help guide laboratories and their respective scientists and engineers in the careful planning and design of experiments and test procedures.
Homaye Tehran Quality Control Program (HTQCP) adheres to internationally recognized standards including;


Implementation of QC & QA procedures are as defined in Homaye Tehran Quality Control Program (HTQCP) whereas activities are carried out by the QA & QC teams at different levels such as;
A- Corporate level.
B- Policy and procedure planning and implementation.
C- Design and engineering stage.
D- In factory Inspections, sampling, testing.
E- Onsite Inspections, sampling, testing.
F- Work planning.
G- Work execution.
H- Work completion.
Our QA & QC team members are trained professionals with extensive knowledge and understanding of standardized control.
At corporate level QC Manager reports to the Chairman directly.
At operational level all team members report directly to the Operations Manager via the QC Manager.
At project level all team members report directly to the Project Manager via the QC Manager. This process insures fast effective control which in turn increases reliability of the system and positive output.