Communications and Marketing
Homaye Tehran Communications and Marketing division provides strategic communications and marketing leadership for the company and our many projects. Our team of experienced and talented professionals is responsible and essential for communicating our values with the public as a whole by a uniform and effective format across the company and each individual project.
We are dedicated to building, promoting and enhancing Homaye Tehran’s distinct brand through creative marketing, dynamic design, collaboration, effective presentation, use of traditional and new media.
Homaye Tehran Communications and Marketing division is comprised of 5 core teams;
1- Market Research
2- Sales
3- Design Studio
4- Advertising
5- Public Relations

Marketing and Sales,
Our Market Research Team is tasked with identifying and learning about our segment market, clients, stakeholders, competitors, industry and community as a whole. Thorough proven established process of analyzing data and understanding market needs we stay relevant and competitive by, Reducing business risks, Spotting current and upcoming trends and problems in industry, Identifying sales opportunities.
Develop New Business
Homaye Tehran Sales Department was created to identify a client base and to communicate directly with existing and new customers. By eliminating the middle men and 3rd party brokers we aim to insure transparency and proper customer care. Our sales team is responsible for new business development and increasing sales whilst following strict corporate guidelines on transparency, honesty, and sales.
Homaye Tehran Sales team is also tasked with creating added value for properties which are sold in order to grow the sales of the product while at the same time realizing added value for our clients by distinguishing our properties from other developments.

Design Studio
For each idea to come alive, Homaye Tehran Design Team members are highly interactive, focused, creative, experienced and fast paced individuals who believe our corporate values and understand the local market culture.
Coming on the heels of corporate needs, market research, and customer research our design team conducts brainstorming sessions to fully explore the needs and possible ideas in order to create methodology and achieve key goals by:
- Collaborate to understand the nature, opportunities, and constraints
- Allow ideas from various perspectives and insights
- Solidify ideas, unstated assumptions, evaluate and interpret in to action
- Create and convey a culture of shared ownership within the company and project
- Platform of open and honest critique of concepts and ideas
Advertising & Public Relations
Homaye Tehran Advertising Team is tasked with “successfully talking to and with our audiences”. Our highly motivated professional team members plan, create, produce, perform research on traditional and new media outlets, selection of media and direct market promotion content, rollout and monitor.
Homaye Tehran Advertising and PR Teams share the same goals in promoting our corporate message to the public.
Our Public Relations team defines and approaches public relations by:
- Anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues.
- Counseling management at all levels in the organization with regard to policy decisions, courses of action and communication, taking into account the public and organization’s social responsibilities.
- Researching, conducting and evaluating, on a continuing basis, programs of action and communication to achieve the informed public understanding necessary to the success of the company.
- Planning and implementing and managing the resources needed to successfully talk to and with our audiences